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Graphic LCD backpack - Bike Instrument Display Demo


Last week Thursday I received my Sparkfun 128x64 graphic LCD with their serial LCD backpack.

I used the driver from the wiki written by Bakkie and made some changes to it but mostly in terms of optimization and ease of use. Due to the text using only one size font I also added my own larger text routines so that the speed and gear indicator could be little more legible.

What I did however find that one cannot send too many commands in too short time period to the LCD before overflowing it’s buffers and causing it to start displaying garbage. So I had to add quite a few Thread.Sleep statements to the screen layout method to overcome that.

You can see my “demo” at

My design and coding of the “instrumentation” layout resulted in this demo.

Hopefully I can get all of this on the bike in a week or two’s time.


We want to see a video when it is on the bike too :slight_smile: