Graduated Grade 8

Hello Guys,
I have graduated grade 8 yesterday but today was our last day of school. I got 2 awards, honor roll and the science & technology award. It’s pretty sad that I will not see most of my friends because they are going to different high schools.
End of story


Congratulations noob123, and don’t worry you’ll make lots of new friends in grade 9; everyone does. Plus you’ll always have FEZ


One of my adults friends gave me a wifi controller helicopter called the wifli

Suddenly i feel OLD :wink:


Thank You

Congrats, noob123! That’s sort of funny… When I was a kid, after junior high (grade 8) all of the junior high graduates came together into a single high school. Have fun meeting new friends in 9th grade and bring them all here with you!


Congrats, noob123!

Yep, I might start a FEZ club :slight_smile:

Just remember, what goes on in Fez club, stays in Fez Club

WRONG. What goes on in Fez Club goes on code share & YouTube. :wink:

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