GPS & OBD System tracking

i have the following scenario which I want to track my vehicle’s odb parameters and GPS data , I’m confused about what main board to use and how to connect my vehicle obd to the can bus provided in the board . I’m also confused about how to add additional power to the system … can any body give me recommendations regarding my problem .??
thanks in advanced

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What device are you using? With the Gadgeteer you can buy a OBD-II module which makes connection as easy as plugging it into the car.

I have a ODB-II module and it is on my short list of things to play with…

The type of board you use depends upon the type of GPS you use. If it is 3.3/5V serial then any board would be find. If you want to use USB, then you need a board with USB host support.

For someone starting out in .NET MF I recommend the Spider and Gadgeteer, assuming the cost is within your budget. With the USB DP module, you can run up to 850ma with an external wall wart, which is a lot of power. For other power requirements your question needs to be more specific.

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thanks Mike for your support
Actually as u said I’m new to .net MF
I want tot ask you is OBD-II module supports these models of cars like (KIA-FORD-Land Rover-Jaguar )?and should I purchase any specific cables?
I will use spider as you said , what exactly should I purchase to provide additional power in case I want to use the following modules :

  • Sd Card Module
  • GPS
  • OBD-II
  • Cellular Module
  • sometimes touch screen

thanks for your help and support

when you buy the GHI OBD module you get all the required cables. there a plug that connects to the ODB jack in your car.

the driver for the obd module is only available with the 4.2 beta sdk.

the GHI catalog contains the current requirements for the mainboards and modules. Add them…

Thanks Mike for your fast reply , that’s really appreciated :wink:


  1. Welcome aboard!

  2. I have the the OBD module. My two cars report very different amount of information - Ford not a lot of info (not even current speed); Mitsubishi (1 year older than the Ford) a lot more information. So event though OBD-II is a standard, not all manufacturers provide the same info.

I have it hooked up to a Spider and it was plug and play pretty much. There’s a standard of what codes (PIDs) correspond to what information. The GHI driver exposes the basic information. If you need more, you can extend the base class (ELM327) to expose more information.

  1. @ Mike - I’m running 4.1 and I had no problem getting the standard driver going.

thanks mhectorgato for this information
I want to ask does GHI provide ELM327 and is it possible in this case to set some parameters through the obd to turn off the car ?
maybe we can develop our own protocol in this case to deal with all types of cars.

The ELM327 is included in the kit that GHI sells - it’s the chip that interfaces with the OBD-II cable.

I don’t believe that you can turn off the car with OBD, as it’s a diagnostic protocol.

The protocol works is that you request a specific information by use of a code (PID). The car’s computer will then respond to that with information, if the manufacturer decided to do so. I believe that certain codes are required to be supported and the rest are optional.

To learn more about this - download the software listed here : Support - GHI Electronics . Then setup a Gadgeteer project and add in the OBD module.

Or you can download the source code for various Gadgeteer drivers here: or just browse the code here:

About OBD:

The different PIDs:

Thanks mhectorgato
I have a good background now because of u :wink: