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GPS and Bluetooth Connections for FEZ Cobra


How does the Bluetooth module and GPS module connect to FEZ Cobra? The brochures only reference Domino and Mini.

For the Bluetooth module, I’m assuming RX and TX plugs into the IO7/COM4 and IO6/COM4 connectors. But where does the Reset connect to?

For the GPS module, does the GPS plug connect to all 8 UEXT pins and which way does it plug in?

Pictures would be most helpful.



If you are talking about the Bluetooth module sold on, then this does not have Reset. If you Bluetooth module that ha a reset pin then you can use any of the IOs

For the GPS, You need to connect it to UEXT with the little black lock towards 3.3Volt pin direction.
Also you can not use the GPS driver as it is. You need to edit the driver to use COM1 (the one on the UEXT connector).


I have the GPS working but the Bluetooth is not.

The ZX-Bluetooth module sold here does have a brown Reset connector and it comes with the cable. I was just curious as to where I could connect it to the FEZ Cobra board.

But the real problem is that I’m not able to communicate with it from a PC. I use the same code in the brochure but change the COM port to COM4 since that is what is indicated on the Cobra board. On the PC, I pair with the Spp device and it gives me two COM ports. I open both ports with TeraTerm and I do not receive any data (Hello!). I tried sending data from TeraTerm and reading it from COM4 on the Cobra but nothing is received. Any ideas on what is wrong? I have tried it with Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x32, and Windows XP. Nothing.



Run a cable from RX to TX on the same COM to verify that you have the code right through echoing data back.


I think I need better reading glasses. I kinda had a feeling that TX should be connected to RX and I looked at the brochure a little more closely and that’s exactly what it said. I reversed my cables and it works like a charm.


So the doc is wrong or right? and what doc?


The Bluetooth Interface Component Brochure on the Bluetooth Interface web page is correct. It says to connect TX to RX. It would be nice though if this page and the GPS page would also provide instructions for FEZ Cobra.