Got only one button module

got my nice spider package today :slight_smile:
Works all fine so far.
Unfortunately I got only one button module in my little pink box :wink:
I ordered from a german reseller, but as the package come from you, I guess this is the better address?

What should I do now?

Send a copy of your invoice to us directly

We will take care of you, no worries.

Okay email sent :slight_smile:

Is it normal that I haven’t got any reply to my email yet?

Maybe wan’t received! We reply same day. Send the email directly to me please gusi@ “ghielec domain”.com

We always reply the same day, or we try to :slight_smile:

Okay, sent. :slight_smile:

For me it’s nearly the same. I got only one button module and also only one Multi Color LED Module. However I received two USB Client DP Modules.
I called the german dealer where I ordered the kit, but they were unsure what to do. Also because they don’t have any kits.

Can you please tell me what to do?

You can always contact GHI directly at above link…you can also send me a direct email.