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Got my PANDA Tracking No!


:dance: :dance: :dance:
FedEx schedule delivery is on OCT 4th.

Thanks GHI, TINYCLR and every body involved to make this happened.


Will you have a new countdown till October 4th? lol


I think so, yes :smiley:


Probably not! ;D

I am getting myself ready to make my Panda doing some fun stuffs. :wink:


Yeah got my mail too.


Did you clean up your bed to sleep next to panda? :smiley:


Yeah the new pandas have a family to join already :wink:


Look what I found online, no GHi has nothign to do with that tshirt :smiley:,22663438


I got mine as well. I modified my original work space box so I will hold both the domino and the panda. Can’t wait.


Yep the mail saying I will have panda is in my inbox.
Allready cleaned my workdesk :slight_smile:


My tracking number says it’s at the post office.

Can’t wait. Another hour and the wife will get the mail. The baby and I may have to go for a walk and pick it up… :smiley:

Kinda excited.

Mike in MN

PS. Lucky I live close to GHI ( ok, 2 days for the mail…lol)


I received my Pandas from Fedex this morning. I live in New Jersey.


Mine is

On FedEx vehicle for delivery

any minute now!!!



I GOT MINE FIRST! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure you do!! So you are the first to get Pre-ordered Panda, huh?
Congratulation!! :clap:

Luckily, I’ll get mine today too! :smiley:
I thought I’m gonna get it on Monday,
when I checked the FedEx Schedule Delivery yesterday.


Sam, I am glad you finally got it. Build something nice and show us! ;D
Good luck!


Got my box of goodies.

Hopefully I will get some time to play with it.

Don’t have a use for 2 Pandas, but at that price couldn’t pass it up.

They are small. Wasn’t expecting that… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Mike in MN


Mike in MN:
Congraturation! :clap:

Thanks, I certainly will!!

I need the picture to proof that you’re not pulling my leg, again!! :naughty::smiley:


Couldn’t resist not hooking it up…

I had to check the firmware right away.

Mike in MN


Wow I got my Pandas today. Only 2 days from US to Germany, that is really fast. ;D