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Got my Domino! It rocks


After following these forums for awhile, I was aware of some of the “getting started issues” others were having and I avoided the use of a USB hub and connected my device directly to a front panel USB port on my computer. Initially it was not detected at all, it turns out there was a problem with my USB cable. I was using one I already had, instead of the one that came with the Domino and apparently there is something wrong with it. (It powered the device, but other than that my PC could not see it.) After switching to the GHI supplied cable, everything has worked perfectly.

I ported over the Netduino morse code program that Scott Hanselman had in his blog to work on the Domino and it is now happily blinking away on my desk.

Very cool.

Now I just have to figure out something to do with it while I wait for my parts to get here from Sparkfun and GHI that I ordered yesterday.

So far … it has been Freakin Easy!



Glad you like it, I love fez too. ;D

How about a first prject/video? 8)


It is great that you liked it. 8).

Maybe this cable is not allowing enough power to the board. It is pretty thin wire?
You can make sure of that by providing external power to FEZ Panda then use the same cable. I think it should work.


It is thinner than the cable you supplied. The Fez will run code when it is connect … I blink the led. It just doesn’t connect to the PC.

Doesn’t matter to me though … I have cable that works and that is all I need.