Got me some shiny new hardware

With this latest lot of Titanium i’m thinking of changing my name to Steve Austin…but with global inflation running rampant i shall be known as the 6 Billion dollar man :smiley:


Ouch, did you loose a boxing match with a kangaroo?

Hope you mend fast and the doctors gave you some good pain meds.

@ Justin - Ooohh… That hurts just looking at the Xrays. Is that your humerus? If so, that’s a huge chunk of metal and some nasty screws. I didn’t realize that working on NETMF boards was so dangerous. Hope you recover quickly!

BTW, hitting “like” seems a little cruel but its the only way I could give you some points for your pain :wink:

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@ Justin - Does it take 3.3v or 5v? :wink:


no it was a tuatara

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no wonder you’d been quiet and we hadn’t seen an update on the veggie garden !

Were there spiders in the veggie garden?

@ Terrence - lol might have to up the usual 3v3 to 12v to overcome the added inertia and an F7 to correct tweezer overshoot

Got some nice rainbow colours today :smiley:

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psychedelic !

Wow!!! :’( Sorry man!
I bet the other guy looks much worse.
Get better and be safe!

hahahahahaha, you were paid back for the beach pictures when it was snowy and cold here! :whistle:

@ Gary - Aw, noooo Gary :-[ I don’t think this balances out. Even Karma isn’t that mean.

jeeee man, it hurts just looking at the x-rays… i can’t imagine the pain you had to go through when this happened.

I hope you get better soon bro!