Got a driver or code snippet? Post it on

Please post all code drivers, snippets, helpers, extensions, and libraries on

Hey Josh … that link doesn’t work. It points to



No search function?
How is this suppose to work…
Say I was looking for a code snippet for converting an integer to Hex. How will i find it?

The only “Search” function I can see is by using the “Tags” button, available when logged in only.

I have to say that I don’t understand the restriction about creating our own tags, though :think: (for all users, I mean).
If I take Geir’s example, such code wouldn’t fit any of the existing tags :snooty:

It does not mean that the tags search is not useful, because it’s a fast way of finding many things, but a real search would also help, I think.

The website has a beta tag. Much is to be desired at the moment. Search is important and will be implemented soon. As for ranks, an untrusted source could create an offensive tag. That is why a certain rank is required. The rank is not set in stone and will be adjusted to balance such issues.

Ok for the rank. I understand better, now :wink:
Btw, what would you call “offensive tag” ? It’s only a question, nothing else :hand:

For the search, then let’s wait till the “beta” stamp disappears.

Thank you for the explanations, Josh.

I believe he understands words like “dick, ass, asshole” etc. as offensive words.
Inappropriate words…

Even a small dick ? :-[

Ok, I was too much in programming and not enough in real life… I could have thought to those by myself ::slight_smile:
So indeed, a minimal rank is required :hand: