Got a Boat, now What?

Hello guys,
well I just got me a boat and just because I like to know how things work I ended up stripping it to the bare minimum and about to start restoring it, from repairing the Gelcoat to rebuilding the engine.

so anyone of you owns a boat and have any suggestions on what one can do with all of his .netmf boards and modules?


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@ Jay Jay - Not sure what you mean, you could mean

as in I’ve got a major project that is going to suck up all my breathing hours, so anyone want my stuff that I don’t have time to use anymore

or it could mean

let’s geek this boat up to the gunwales and beyond. In which case there is lots of stuff I could dream up, how much budget do you have?

There are two distinct moments of joy in every boaters life, when he gets a boat and when he sells a boat…

Hi Duke,
It is Option two :slight_smile:

as far as budget goes, my current calculations are I’m soon to hit 15k with no electronics yet :wall:, i hope the wife doesn’t stumble on this post by mistake.

no one told me how crazy expensive this stuff can get… I still can’t justify the why it’s so expensive, maybe boating was not meant for those of us that are in my salary pay spectrum :whistle:

lol, I’m already thinking about making the boat’s anchor release remote controllable, so I don’t have to mess with it manually!

@ Jay Jay - always fun to play with GPS data

3 words…FEZ Fish Finder! Have it drive around the lake looking for fish while you drink beer and tinker with the next FEZ project. When it finds something, it sounds an alarm and you go fishing.

Regarding boats… I’ve only ever known three kinds of boat owners.

[ol]Those enjoying the first year of owning a boat.
Those repairing or storing a broken boat.
Those selling a boat.[/ol]
This gives me another project idea. Perhaps add sensor to detect potential future failures. An IoT project w/ machine learning to monitor anomalies in the engine/prop (vibrations, engine timing changes, etc.).

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

@ Jay Jay - OK blinkies are a given, under hull lighting, swim deck, cabin, trim lines etc, not optional. Of course you will want to add things like UV alerts and alarms, as every boater on the planet has experienced nasty sun burn from days that were just too much fun on the lake to notice the crew were turning into lobsters. Perhaps some distance sensor for mooring purposes, depth sensor connected to outboard arm to auto raise or reduce power to save a prop sort of thing, auto trim with via tilt and accelerometers, strain gauges on ski tow hook, auto tracking camera for skiers, tubers etc, want more?

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And of course a pimped out kegerator. You could have the keg resting in a gimbal type carriage to keep it from stirring up in the waves.


When I was young, I was told that to prevent going broke, there were 3 things you should only rent when you needed, instead of buying: Camera lenses, boats, and women.


@ JayJay, you definitely need @ Justin to help you pimp out some fancy LED strips. Imagine, mooring just offshore of a beach on a lazy evening as the sun sets, and have the best party boat around.

Have you given it a name yet?

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Dear Jay Jay, please wire me $10K or I send this message to your wife .


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GPS and auto pilot would be a cool fun project to build.

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boat, n., A hole in the water into which you pour money.


Thank you all for the suggestions.
So far:
The boat does have a cabin.
The boat will not be docked at a marina, I save (2k) a year :slight_smile:
The boat will be docked near the house about a minute walk, not on the water but always on it’s trailer in front of the beach :), hence that was one of the main reason why I jumped into this journey.
I do most of the work myself when I can find time, I have already invested in most the tools in the past, due to my other addictions, a couple of collection cars (yes they run) and a bike (and no I’m not rich) just lucky :slight_smile:
What I have learned so far:
I can find Gelcoat on a local store (yep sourcing the goods can be hard around here)
I can mix spray the gelcoat, sand and polish it to shine.
I found where to buy oxalic acid, which turns out to be a very effective cleaner for the hulk, inox, and engine compartment, really gets that stain out in under 15min.
Bought the plexyclass 8mm, 10mm for the windshield, now i’ll have to cut it and bend it, I’m still learning how it’s done.
Sanded and fixed most of the cracks on the fiber already. Still have a few touchups.
Ordered a new block for the engine, will take a month or two to get here $3.5k. It was this or rebuild the current block which wasn’t worth it in my opinion. Now I have an extra block for an art project :slight_smile: for the home.

Was looking at some of the sonar’s and I noticed how the price can dramatically increase with the screen size, so I’m wondering does anyone know if I can buy a good sonar and interface it with my own touch screen? Hopefully I can save cash in doing so, and learn how they actually work.

I will film and or take pictures of the progress once I dive into soon.