Google's Fools Day thingy

I don’t remember seeing this before.


Love it

you should try today.
Look for a strange icon to the lower left :smiley:


@ Reinhard Ostermeier - That is so cool! Lol.

Tried it yesterday, brilliant!

If you like Google’s special feature for today, then Waze is an app for you.

Is it still there? What am I looking for? Only icon I see in the lower left is a distance measurement tool that’s been there for quite a while :frowning:


For me it’s still there.
Right next to the “Earth” icon there is a “Pac-Man” icon.
By this you can play Pac-Man in the streets :smiley:

p.s. it takes a couple of seconds to appear.

I noticed last night that the icon didn’t appear on the android tablet.

I guess that’s normal. Why should Google support Android ::slight_smile:


Ok. I see it now. I hadn’t clicked the button to get the “New Maps”… Very cool!