Google map without internet on FEZ Cobra

I have used reference of google map example given in Wiki under Ethernet section. With minor modifications, it is working properly with FEZ Cobra. This application is working properly with internet connected with FEZ Cobra.

I want to use google map application, without internet connection in FEZ Cobra. Can any one suggest how to achieve this?

PErsonally without thinking too deeply about it, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.

Offline “stuff” either requires you to figure out how to download and cache the online content, and redirect any requests to the local cache, OR it requires you to have an offline app. I’ve not used Google Maps offline in a few years but I assume it is still as it used to be - a FAT (very fat) PC based application with content.

So if you wanted to try you could maybe look at caching data for the area you’re interested in, but to emulate the PC app would require much more work and storage, so it may not be something you can sensibly bite off on a Cobra

Please go through below article link. In the article it has mentioned that “we can use an offline version. All of the maps can be saved in an SD card and we can reach them.”

I am trying, but if some one can help then i may resolve fast. :slight_smile:

I think the author meant that it is technically possible, but you have to do it yourself. You will need to define a grid over the area of you interest. Get an image for each cell in that area and store it on your storage device. To show the map you will need to get tiles of the greed that intersect with your viewable area and render it on the screen.