Google Image Camera - Postponing Project - Publishing Code

Hello everyone,
This project was intended to be a camera that showed you what google thought you were taking a picture of. It would capture your image, save it to a server, send that image to google, get an answer back, and then bring it back down to the display. Kind of a parallel universe camera or something.
Anyway, I got the first half of it done. You can take a picture and post it to the web and get a result as you can see here:

I’ve been having some annoying hardware trouble and getting an image back from the internet to the display is apparently beyond my capabilities right now. Anyway, I thought that I would publish the code if anyone wanted to take a crack at it, or steal some of it for their own use.

The Gadgeteer Program file:

The PHP save file:

The PHP curl file:

Have fun and post back if you do anything with it.

Oh yeah, hardware.
FEZ Spider
USB DP [1]
Camera [3]
Button [4]
Wifi rs21 [6]
Multicolor LED [8] unused in code
Display te35 [10, 12, 13, 14]

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Cool project. If you want to get it going you might want to post your problems in another thread. There’s always someone here to help.

Neat project idea!