Google getting into Iot as well now

A new report from The Information (paywalled) says Google is working on an operating system called “Brillo” that would be a platform for Internet-of-things devices. It’s supposedly a lightweight version of Android, capable of running on devices with extremely limited hardware — as little as 32 MB of RAM, for example. The company is expected to launch the code for Brillo at its I/O event next week. This is particularly relevant now that Google has acquired Nest, Dropcam, and Revolv — a trio of “smart home” companies whose devices could potentially by unified by Brillo.

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32MB of ram is extremely limited?! :wall:

@ KiwiSaner - Just remember how Google makes their money (hint, it’s not from license fees), and then think about whether we want them as the gatekeepers of IoT.

I get why they want to be in this space…all that sweet, sweet, data to mine. Not sure I understand why developers or consumers should trust them with it, though.


Ha ha. Yeah, I also giggled about that when I saw it.

@ devhammer
I suppose it depends what you are making. Personally I don’t mind too much if they monitorthe temperature in my house is or the voltage of my solar panel. But on a serious note… they will probably be able to make things very lucrative for developers if they really want to. I think it would be very interesting to watch how this pans out.

The data-mining of factoids that you would mind them knowing is derived from the collection of data that you don’t mind them knowing. This is true of everything, of course, not just Google. Google just has the biggest and fastest growing treasure chest.