Google Cloud IoT Core Alternatives

Google Cloud IoT Core is being retired on August 2023.

We have a new project coming on and I was expecting to be able to use this technology. We already a robust Google cloud portfolio, so we can’t really move to another provider.

Does the GHI team have any recommendations on a third party solution that will integrate and work well with SITCore TinyCLR?

I am not sure if this will help: ClearBlade IoT Core Launched Today as a Complete Replacement for Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP’s) IoT Core
It appears to be a replacement for Google’s IoT platform.

With that said, I use Azure IoT and am very happy with it. Being either the #1 or #2 IoT platform against Amazon I don’t expect that it is going anywhere anytime soon.

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Hey skeller,

I came across that company and we are evaluating it as an alternative. Looks like it should work, but I don’t like that it is not as integrated as the IoT Core was.

We have too much invested in GC that making a switch to a different platform would not really make business sense for us.

Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.