Goodbye FEZ Raptor

We have a little community called BMC in Indonesia, we create community based project that backed by community members. This project will help us to introduce an IoT/Electronic for students and people that has same interest.

Our first project is Gadgeteer-Hidroponic, here is the pictures…

now we have a new home for our old-gadgeteer board


@mifmasterz - great project and another example of what Gadgeteer could have been.

Still tears my nightie how NETMF and Gadgeteer have been abandoned by corporate politics.

Bunch of dumbarses… (in my humble opinion :stuck_out_tongue:)


“We can rebuild him; we have the technology”, and for less than six million dollars (link)

We can refresh the hardware line of course, but then hmmm, where will we find a new design tool that links hardware prototyping and software design?

The need for things like Grove and Gadgeteer is still there - it just requires the effort and capital of folks that can make a viable business out of it.


Amazing and sad at the same time