Good Serial Camera for EMX Development System


I have an USB camera connected to my EMX system. O can get a nice frame rate on the LCD screen but when i try to stream the images over Wifi i cannot get more the 1 frame for every 5 seconds. The images are too big for wifi transfer.

I have searched arround and there are not a lot of options to Encode the Bitmap to JPEG.
I think I could have better chances using a JPEG enabled serial camera. WIth much smaller images I could get much more FPS over Wifi.

I have notest that GHI has 2 serial cameras, but the FPS is only 0.5. Can i get more than 0.5 on this cameras? Can I connect these camera to my EMX (need to do some wiring)?

Can anyone give me a good option for a Serial Camera for my EMX system? I have no problem with electronics.