Good morning Community!

Our Christine took this picture and asked me to share with you guys. She said they look too cute when she opens the box and they are all looking at her.

I don’t know, Gus. That many monkeys in one place…smells like danger to me. Leave them alone for too long and they might write Hamlet, or something. :slight_smile:

Makes me think of that cartoon where the penguins crash the plane in Africa (Madagascar 2?) and all of the monkeys who are helping them rebuild the plane go on strike:)

These are flying monkeys. The first association that comes to mind is - Wizard of Oz. ;D
Only GHI’s are much cuter.

It’s good to finally put a face to some of the GHI employee names! Now, which one is Steven?

Easy : the one with the red hat on the right :wink:

By the way the name of that hat is fez. In case somebody didn’t know.

I thought they were Shriner monkeys :wink:

Watch those monkeys! Before you know then cut every arduino connections and stole all your LEDs! ;D

Thank Gus! They [italic]are [/italic]too cute :wink:

Hello Christine!

It seems that Christine used an invisible text. You have to select the line to see what she typed. :smiley:

Was wondering what the secret tag was to make that happen…

BTW Christine, thanks for all the helpful customer service emails!