Going to be a Hard-Head about the RS21

What code is necessary to use the wifi_RS21.Interface.UpdateFirmware() ?

I am asking for one of the GHI Software Gurus for help.

Sorry, but I think this is a reasonable request. Is it NOT?

I have seen the update run a few times in different applications but I have no clue why it starts. I would assume something in my code or a asteroid passed over my house?

I’m fine with you asking. In a Gadgeteer app, I understand it will do this always. I suspect it’s initiated when the module doesn’t respond in a way the firmware expects, and it takes that as a need to update the firmware. I’ve never seen it run on my Cobra II with wifi.

@ Brett -

I have seen it happen three times in a project. Not in the project I posted about.

Just Info. I have no idea what causes it but the app ran OK…