GMS audio over network (tcp/ip)

We are looking into building a new product and consider using .NET micro framework for this.

In short, we need to be able to communicate over Ethernet (TCP/IP), send SMS text messages and answer incoming calls and translate these to SIP-like packages and send over the TCP/IP network. A small web server would also be nice, for configuration, status and log viewing.

Question is, does the HW have enough bang to perform these tasks?

  • Ethernet ENC28 Module (ip packet sniffing and voice over ip)
  • Cellular Radio Module (connect to GSM network)
  • FEZ Raptor Mainboard
  • FLASH Module (for configuration)

I do not have an answer but I want to point out that G400D had a built in Ethernet, which should be faster than enc28.

And the G400-S does not?

So, a G400-D Module, the G400HDR Breakout and some soldering to get the Ethernet connector in place, and we should be good to go?

Is the G400D production ready? As in, if we make a custom board with the required connectors - can we buy the G400D modules, drop them on our board and ship that to the customers?

The FEZ Raptor seems better for prototyping - and soldering the G400-S module on the final product seems like a better/easier solution.

Both are in full production.