Hello I am new and I have a question. I am asking my question in this forum because it was talking about CAN-bus… If I am in the wrong forum I am really sorry…

my English can be not good because I am not a English speaking person. So if you don’t understand what I am trying to ask just let me know and I will explain it to you again.

I have to install a digital tachograph on my vehicle(government requirement). my car is GM Chevrolet Express Van (year 2020)

but the guy installing the digital tachograph told me he needs to know the RPM, vehicle speed and brake CAN ID to be able to program his device and make it work on my car. I look on google and I think he is talking about PIDs. (I am not sure…)

I did a lot a googling but found nothing.

Can somebody here share those information if you have or know them please.

Thank you in advance for your helps.

if installer does not know how to get required information find another installer. installer should know how to get required information.

Your car is so new it probably has a OBDII port underneath the dasboard that can be used.

These IDs are standardized and should be the same on allmost all other modern cars. Your installer should know about this.

It’s one of the options I have. but I think the new one will ask the same. But I am looking for a new person