Glide v1.0.1 is out - WARNING

This version has fixed a lot of my problems and answered my wishlist but I am now getting pink borders around my TextBox objects, and can’t remove them! :’( (Occurs in Microosft emulation and FEZ Cobra 480x272 target) Running NETMF

Details of Fixes

Release Notes V 1.0.1
*** Always make sure to update your XML so it’s compatible with the latest version. ***

Button now supports multiline text by using a newline operator \n
New properties added called BackColor (background color) and ShowBackColor (to turn it on and off).
A new method was added called ClearAt(int index). In addition, most drawing methods now return an index so they can be cleared if need be.
Responding to a MessageBox will properly close it before returning a value.
Going from showing a multiline message to a single line message will adjust the height properly now.
Setting a RadioButton’s IsSelected property to “True” in xml will not cause an Exception when loaded.
Glide Designer
Button tint color was off.
The characters <, >, &, ', " within a Text attribute will be replaced with their entity codes (<, >, &, &apos, ").
Fixed positioning when added to a DisplayObjectContainer.

My mistake – it’ll be removed and I’ll re-upload the version.

Josh it’s actually a great feature for development, can we switch it on/off
helps work out alignments etc

One more slight bug:

If an image resource is the exact same size as the panel its loaded onto, it won’t load in emulation but will load On Cobra hardware!

Found temp sol’n,
If resource bitmap image is exact same size as mBodyPanel 480x212 it won’t load the image. The image.bitmap.Width and Image.bitmap.height show exceptions in the watch window.

This persists across V1.0.0 and 1.0.1 BUT when run on hardware it works fine!

When I reduce the image by a few pixels it loads fine.

Might be a problem for users wanting full screen images.



I don’t think the textblock in my example is a misallign issue as its outline of teh error text is below the textblock (with no text in it)