Good Morning guys, I´m having issues with my touchscreen on a secondary window. I´m using G120 module and T35Touchscreen, my problem is as follows:

In my main window I have buttons, radiobuttons and the touchscreen is working fine. Then I have to open another window, with a cutomized keyboard that is displayed exaclty as I want, but when it comes to touchscreen it isn´t working. I’ve tried changing the main window : “Glide.MainWindow = window1;” initiliting Glidetouch again, but my touchscreen is not responding.

I´ve reviewed the glide documentation and forums but still can´t make it work. If someone has had the same issue or has documentation regarding this topic or default keyboard working code, it would be highly appreciated.

Warm Regards and thanks for your help.


I’m not sure if this will help, but I’ve had a similar problem where I was mixing Glide with SimpleGraphics. Once I had cleared the screen with simple graphics. Touch had been disabled and I had to reinitialize glide touch.

Thanks for your response. I´m not currently using any simple graphics, all my window has been made in the glide designer. Even though it is not my case, I tried to reinitialize glide touch and assingning my second window as main window:

Glide.MainWindow = window1;

but made no difference at all. I´m not sure if I´m missing something.

The error was in my code, I was going to another thread and reassigning the principal window and i have not noticed that. It actually worked as supposed.