Glide slider set min value to any number greater than zero

Hi - I’m using Spider with T35 display, and using Glide for the UI. Everything works well except for the slider, if I set the min value to 0 it works, anything else and knob jumps around. Hard to explain but the knob moves of off the line.

I need the slider to be between 50 and 100. Anyone countered this issue?


Sorry, I’m not setup to test this at the moment but I can suggest an easy work-around. Set the range from 0-50 and just add 50 to whetever you get back from it. I’m sure you know this but sometimes it helps to point out the obvious.

No worries, thanks. That’s what I ended up doing. It’d be nice and cleaner if the min value would allow greater than zero.

Glide is open source. So, you’re always able to fix the problem yourself and contribute back.