Glide Simple Example - Label not supported


Target: Fez Cobra

NETMF: 4.1

I ran the ‘simple example’ as shown in the URL above.

On running in the debugger I got an Exception that 'Label is not supported?

I loaded the V1.0.0 Glide reference assembly

Can someone explain whats’ wrong? am I missing a step? as I’ve done everything on web page

Label support was removed in V1.0.0. You now use TextBlock.

The example has not been updated. I also saw a statement that if a Label found in the xml file it is converted to a TextBlock during parsing, but that was not implemented.

Thanks Mike

The Super Simple example was updated. This example uses a string for simplicity.

Label to TextBlock conversion only occurs if you paste XML containing a Label into the Glide Designer. Loading an XML file/string in Glide does not.