Glide project doesn't display on EMX Dev System

I have created a GUI using the glide examples and tested it in the emulator. It works as expected. However when I run it on my EMX development system with updated firmware I get nothing on the display. However I get no errors in the code. It appears to be working fine. But nothing but a white screen. I have added the EMX and glide assemblies. Is there somewhere I need to tell the project I am using the EMX?

The latest firmware does not initialize the display by default. Set the config in code or use fez config to set it and then it will work.

Thanks for the info Gus. One question though.,is the EMX display the same as the T35?

Gus can you also tell me why touch gestures aren’t working on the EMX Dev sys, too.

When you say gestures, do you mean swiping or are you referring to just touch input?

Gestures are not supported on the resistive touch panels.

And why are the EMX Dev sys documents removed from the website. Having access to the schematic would be nice.

@ dave. I am talking about swipes…up, down, left, and right.

Not supported as far as I know with any of the resistive touch screens.

I’m not talking about multi touch gestures. I thought these were supported on the EMX and ChipWorkx Dev systems. It’s been a while since I have used my kits though. The gestures are handled with the on board touch controllers. If I had access tot the schematics I would verify.


You have my attention

Care to share, Gus?