Glide MessageBox and co. bug in netmf4.2?

Hello guys,
I’ve just updated my EMX to 4.2 and rebuild my glide dll (and others). The app starts and I call touchscreen calibration window from there. The crosses get clicked as should, but once it asks me if I want to save the settings - yes pressing does not work. Digging in with debugger it seems like the waiting thread crashes on a nullReferenceException in

            // Create touch inputs that are used as arguments
            Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput[] touches = new Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput[1];

            // Begin touch panel polling
            while (_result == ModalResult.None && !_forceClose)
                Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchCollectorConfiguration.GetLastTouchPoint(ref x, ref y);

                if (x >= 0 && x <= Glide.LCD.Width && y >= 0 && y <= Glide.LCD.Height)
if (isTouched == false)
                        // Touch down
                        touches[0].X = x; //<=== oops! touches = [] {null}
                        touches[0].Y = y;

in MessageBoxManager. touches[0] is null at this point.

I’ve also had hungs in slider operation and more, but havent identified the source yet.

Anyone else experiencing that?

Replaced all occurences of

Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput[] touches = new Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput[1];


Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput[] touches = new Microsoft.SPOT.Touch.TouchInput[] { new TouchInput() };

How could this have worked in the first place? The struct isn’t init anywhere…