Glide - how to open the keyboard in a lowercased letters state

I’m trying to figure out how to make the “lowercase state” of the Keyboard.View.Letters view be the default one once we open up the keyboard.

I’m working with the example code for 4.3" displays available here (, but apparently the keyboard always opens in an “uppercase” state. I’ve already tried setting the Keyboard.Uppercase property to false before opening the keyboard, and despite forcing the initial state of the tapped in letters to lowercase, it does not change the keyboard’s background image.In this case only after tapping the ToggleCase key a second time, the background changes accordingly, but by then the lowercase/uppercase states get messed up.

Any ideas?

Yeah, Keyboard Uppercase management needs some improvements. You can force the proper keyboard view by setting the CurrentView. That would be the easiest way (without modifying Glide source code).

At the end of your InitKeyboard method, just before you return the keyboard, add the following lines:

            keyboard.Uppercase = false;
            keyboard.CurrentView = Keyboard.View.Letters;

Thanks… that solved it!

You are welcome! :slight_smile: