Glide GUI library released under GPL License

In our continued commitment to the open source community, GHI Electronics is proud to announce we’re open sourcing our Glide GUI library under GPL License. The project has been placed on CodePlex so we can begin to work together to further its features and performance. We’re also offering a non-GPL License with four consulting hours for the low price of $249.95.

Edit: the license now is apache2, free for even commercial use.

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Thanks Josh. I told you guys another surprise is coming. Glide is free and open source so have fun and happy holidays!

So who will be making a glide-designer right inside VS? :wink:


Way to go, guys!

Not inside VS but I will be creating a Windows version (similar to VS) for .NET Clix.

I’ll open source it so you can use it with Glide. 1Q2012


Have you any clues on what should be used to create such a designer ?

I guess we might use MEF to achieve so or do a VS Package to add this feature, but, what would be
the starting point to achieve such a task ? (designer inside VS)…

Another approach could be to “integrate” the designer you have done for glide as an external designer.
Maybe it could be the fastest way to do it… don’t you think ?

Very nice! :clap:

You are welcome to use our designer for free, which is made with flash so it is not ideal for the “.NET world”. I think it would be great if the community would contribute one written fro windows in C# or a silverlight version.

@ monz - the source on codeplex does not contain the website designer. You’re on the right track with using MEF to build a VS Extension, but I’m assuming the designer UI would have to be done from scratch.

[edit] ah, our friend Flash… yah, that wouldn’t play nice in a VS extension.


we could hosted the flash player inside a web browser form and then, do the stuff… no ?


Wondering if somebody could explain exactly what a GPL language means.

If I read it correctly I should be able to use GLIDE as long as I am not selling anything???

Also I couldn’t find where to download Glide from. It looks very good and I am anxious to try it.

Plainly I have missed something obvious.


You can sell, but you can’t hide your source codes. This is the same license Linux use. If you use a GPL piece of code (open source) then all your code become GPL and you are required by the license to have the sources available publicly.

Please have your lawyers read the license

Thanks for that… much clearer…

Can you tell me where I can download it from.

Perhaps the link Gus provided :slight_smile:

OK found it in the source code tab thanks.

I tried to load the example project into C# successfully

When I try to run I get a TinyCLR error:

Project must either have an Output type of console application or an output type of class library and a start action set to a valid .net microframework application.

What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it? I am new to both C# and netmf so am struggling a bit.


If you have to projects in your solution: your application and Glide library - make sure your application is a startup project. Right mouse click on the project item in the solution explorer pane and set it as a startup. The project name will be in bold font when it is a startup project.

Sorry, comes up with the same message.

Can you please show screenshot of your visual studio and property window for your project?

Here it is, thanks

I guess you want to use the glide DLL’s instead of the source?

You can download them here:

Can you collapse all items in the solution explorer and show how many projects in your solution. You are trying to “run” Glide library project which is just a class library. You can still have it in the solution,but you need another project that is an actual application which references the glide project.