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This new thread will be for Glide. Update coming soon.


I tried setting the visible property of the progress bar to false to hide it under certain conditions, but it never worked. I made sure I called the render() method of the window as well. I tried it on the label as well with the same result. That wasn’t too big of a deal since I could just set the text to nothing. I can’t do that with the progress bar though. I wasn’t sure if the visible property was intended to work yet.


I’m trying Glide on my Cobra with 4,3" display. But I can’t get the touch calibrated properly.
How to do that, if at all possible?


Where ca i find the glide-example ?



Browse to

Download the ZIP file and check.


More updates will be released soon. Library documentation will contain examples for all components. There will also be project examples to assist you in getting started. All this will be available within next few days.


I remember, there was a file in the past.
Is there a chance to get these file once again, however the code is for an earlier glide version ?
Get this sample code help me to work with the new api.



Examples are in the library documentation:

Glide.UI > Button Class

There is an example for almost every UI Element.


@ zerov83 (Chris)
To directly calibrate your 4.3" display you could call a function like this:

static void Calibrate()
	const int CAL_POINTS = 5;
	short[] sx = new short[CAL_POINTS] { 240, 48, 48, 432, 432 };
	short[] sy = new short[CAL_POINTS] { 136, 26, 246, 246, 26 };
	short[] cx = new short[CAL_POINTS] { 2102, 612, 597, 3469, 3618 };
	short[] cy = new short[CAL_POINTS] { 2138, 751, 3582, 3388, 753 };
	Touch.ActiveTouchPanel.SetCalibration(CAL_POINTS, sx, sy, cx, cy);

This isn’t the ideal solution but should allow you to accurately test things.

@ af6767
There is now a Glide examples page:


Glide V 0.1.2 is here:

[li]Fixed the keyboard text not showing up as you type.[/li]
[li]Setting display object’s Visible property to false will make them invisible. You must call Invalidate on the window to make this happen.[/li]
[li]Nearly all components have example documentation.[/li]
[li]Added an Examples section to the glide page.[/li]


@ Josh
You make my evening, amazing, thank you.



Mhm, little problem, i see no way to make a calibration in glide.
i have a 4.3 display and so the calibration is bad.
the net calibration method you suggest, is useless in glide.
have you any solution for me ?




How do you change the content of a cell of the datagrid or to remove a datarow at runtime?



@ af6767
Working on a solution.

@ peterd
This is great feedback. The DataGrid did lack some necessary features. Next release will include:

public void RemoveRow(DataGridRow row)
public void RemoveRowAt(int rowIndex)
public void SelectRowAt(int rowIndex)

// GetCellText has been replaced with:
public object[] GetRowData(int rowIndex)

public void SetRowData(int rowIndex, object[] data)
public void SetRowData(int rowIndex, object data, int columnIndex)

Will that cover your needs?


Thanks Josh I think that will do.

Another question: Is it possible to add a window or panel with x and y coordinates <> 0 to show in the center off the screen for example for error messages or user input.



That wouldn’t work because only one window can be shown at a time. Prompts will be in the next release.


I’m working on a plotting control for Glide. Basic functionally is working, on-the-fly display of data with automatic scrolling. I will posting the code if I have added features like dateTime axis and auto scaling.

Take a look at the picture.


That looks excellent. Great job!


Nice job, indeed!



Could you check the TapEvent of a window. It doesn’t seem to function.