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Glide: error on first example



I try to do the first sample on page:
but get an error.

I create a new project, add to the references the Glide.dll and insert the code in the example. After changing the namespace (my own project name) I start the program but got an error (in german).
How does the example work without a module. I only select FEZ Spider (my mainboard) when I create the project. Is that right??


Looks like you created a gadgeteer program.
I only use plain NETMF and the GLIDE sample is also plain netmf.
You shouold create a new non GEDGETEER NETMF Project to run this sample.

GADGETEER wants you to implement the partial methods in a seperate file where you have a class with the same Name + the keyword partial.
The methods with the keyword partial must alse be in this file.


Just posted an adopted Version of my touch Keypad application to NETMF 4.2 on Code Share
Hope it compiles and works on your side too.


I was just starting to try to get Glide working with FEZ Raptor and displayT43, working in the Gadgeteer version, and had encountered the same problem. It would be great if someone could outline how this is done. I do not understand the full implications of Partial as Reinhard suggested.
I have quite a bit of Gadgeteer code worked out, and I do not really want to redo it for pure NETMF.


If you want a Gadgeteer Version you can have a look on my post above. It should be easy to adopt it to the raptor and the other display. If you have no SD-Card you can comment out the code concerning the sd-card. But I’m off now, it’s late here.


Which one should I select? (s. attachmant)


You have to choose one from sub category ‘Gadgeteer’ or 'Micro framework’
I would say Gadgeteer/.Net Gadgeteer Application
or Micro Framework/Window Application (all prepared for using WPF)
or Micro Framework/Console Application (Most basic project type, should work good for glide)


When I choose .NET Gadgeteer I have to choose a mainboard. Therefore I selected MFConsoleApplication. It works more or less (after starting I see the window but then get error a3000000).
What I want to do is to place a button which inserts a keypad on klick. Then the user should be able to type a text in a textfield and send this as e-mail.
Is that possible?
I’m also missing the structure/procedure of glide. Is there a documentation.
What do I need e.g. to place a button and then handle on press event?? I find the examples in the codeshare too complex because I don’t have much experience.


Have you built the Glide DLL to 4.2?




Complete output with the window wich appears for one second are attached. Is the shown window right??

I already have seen the button example, but therefore I need a MFConsoleApplication.
How can I take this example over to .NET Gadgeteer with FEZ Spider and then show the button on the display?


edit: you’re only targeting the Emulator here, right?