Glide Designer in portrait mode

I’m sure I read in the forum (I think a post by GUS) that Glide worked in both landscape and portrait mode.

When I try to set the resolution of the screen to in the glide designer to portrait (i.e. width 240 height 320).
It doesn’t let you set the height greater than the width. Do I have to physically edit the scripts??


I just opened the designer and clicked on the window and set it to 240 width and 320 height without issue.

Actually, I could obtain the screen you show but when you hit returm on the 240 it reverts to 320 and the shape of the screen doesn’t change.

On retesting the problem seems to be that the screen cannot have a width as low as 240.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi David,

If you use the LOAD XML option and use this XML below, you will get a 240 x 320 screen. It seems there is a trap in the site code that limits the width to 320 if you input the size in the properties fields. Using the load xml gets around this.

<Glide Version="1.0.3">
  <Window Name="adjust" Width="240" Height="320" BackColor="dce3e7">