Glide Designer / How to Run / Save Work / Edit

Site says that Glide designer was included in latest SDK. Where is it or how do I call it up. I don’t see it in the GHI Electronics Folder.

I was able to generate some XML directly from the GHI website but I don’t see an option to Save so I can later load it it make revisions.

I was able to get it working by copying XML and pasting as a resource in my project but do I have to start from scratch everytime I make a change?

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@ Fast_EddieD - The designer itself is not included in the SDK, only the assembly. You have to copy the XML from the designer into your project manually.

To run the designer, I went to the GHI website, created the layout and used Cut/Paste into my project as a stringresource.

To Edit, do I then take the xml from my project and paste back to GHI site make changes and copy back?

I would think that the tool could be downloaded or that I can save the XML.

In in business so no worries.

@ Fast_EddieD - You can use the Load XML command under Window in the designer.

I wish there was a better designer…

@ zeroaviation - would you be interested in starting such project? I remember couple projects that were started by community but not finished. Maybe join forces?

I’ve been using this recently on a project. It’s a little quirky at times but does work in creating designs for glide and the build option drops the final files into your project folder once you set it up.

The author has promised to make it open source but I’ve not had any reply back for a while on this.

It looks and works good though and being offline makes it easy to use if you are travelling and want to do some work on any projects where there is no internet access.