Glide Designer Error & Image

I am designing a window with some dropboxes. I do some work on it here and there when I have time. I load the XML with the dropbox options into the Glide Designer. When I go to edit the options for a dropbox, all of them are gone. When I click Show XML, all the options XML code is gone. Is this something that other people have seen?

Also, I am trying to load a .jpeg image in my Resources in Visual Studio into the Image box using Glide. Does someone have some example code of how to load an image from the Resources into the Image box? I have been searching and I have not been able to find anything.


Found an answer if anyone after a little more research. Make sure you include the picture in your resources folder in Visual Studio.

//Load picture
picture.Bitmap = Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.light);
picture.Stretch = true;