Glide designer and changing screen size

I attempted to modify the window to accommodate an 800x480 screen size. It does not appear to work. Is this expected? I simply changed the properties and the display did not reset to the size I choose.

I tried this again. The first attempt seemed to change only the height. In the second attempt I began with the width. Once that had been applied, I changed the height. It worked. I had hoped to somehow create frames so I could easily modify one area of the screen while keeping others unchanged. My first impression is that this is impossible. It would appear that I must combine the xml strings myself before loading the window and then assign this to main. My general impression so far is that one must work directly with the xml to have any hope of precision. Do you intend to extend the designer to generate more than the xml files? Perhaps implement it in an application instead of the web? Even better would be something that allowed my to use the dialog editor and then would generate the appropriate code and xml.

Can you please clarify what you did exactly?


I’m still a little unclear on what you’re trying to achieve. What type of modifying are you trying to do within these “frames”?

Glide is designed to have one or more windows that each represent a screen in your application. It’s not meant to have frames within a window to isolate changes. Adding, removing or modifying components should be done within your application’s code. Its flexibility is building windows through xml (designer/by hand) or just using code.