Glide and Fez Touch

Hi guys

Maybe a silly question, but anyway…

Can I use glide for my Fez Touch ?

I know there is the Fez Touch UI available but I’d like to know if glide can be used with the Fez Touch ?


Fez Touch is designed to work with the Panda2, so no. Skewworks’ Spiral offering is as close as you’ll get for now.

ok thanks

That’s what I thought :slight_smile:

anyway, it could be great to have “Glide” working for Fez PANDA I or II, even if “bitmap” part could be not supported on this platform.

Anyway, maybe one day !!!

The smaller boards just don’t have the horsepower to do ‘fancy’ graphics (by design).

yeah I know

But what’s the real difference between panda and better board ? It’s almost a matter of memory (of course, memory does a lot in graphics, I know well but, technicaly, could we have more memory with a usbizi ?

I don’t know if it can be done.

Don’t know well enough chip behind the panda II

That is it, memory! Here is little math, 320x240x2 = 150KB just for one little image :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve already done this little calculation. The usbizi offers 512 kb of ram, so, don’t you think it could be possible to have more for user than what is currently available ?

Where did you see 512KB of RAM? :slight_smile:

Trust me, if it can be done then GHI would have it for you.

I trust in you GUS…

believe me :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers

Subject closed :slight_smile:

@ Sodit

If there’s something specific from Glide you’re looking (like a GUI development interface) or one of the controls I can always look at adding it to Spiral.

thanks skewworks… always appreciate your behavior concerning the add to spirale.

To be honest, it seems that the “plot grid” one showed in another thread could be fun to add to spirale.

As you are here, could you tell me and point what are the main differences between spirale (I’ve take a look at it few weeks ago) and TouchUI controls ? Most significant differences ?

Link the post in question and I’ll see about adding the control.

One of the biggest differences between Spiral, TouchUI and GHI’s example is that Spiral renders thread safe. Because of the way the LCD works it’s really easy to step on the toes of another control rendering if you’re doing rendering inside a second thread as well, Spiral deals with this.

Another couple of exclusive to Spiral features are the ability to stream a full screen image from the SD to the screen and the Font Creator that allows you to draw a font as a bitmap and then have it converted to a font Spiral can load.

Spiral also supports alpha-blending and has Pyxis 2 based controls that have been optimized for the smaller Panda II.

… and for the cost of a good pizza, you get a professional help from skewworks :slight_smile:

ok thanks skew

I agree, cost of a Pizza, you get an amazing library…

Don’t know if I going to used it (as I do for lobby).

Whatever the price is, do you “intend” to provide a “demo version” or something like free version if not use for commercial applications ?

@ Sodit, I can certainly do that, there’s a DLL specifically for testing inside the emulator; I could always release that as a demo.