Glide - A Graphical Library for .NET Micro Framework

Glide is a graphical library for .NET Micro Framework (NETMF) that uses a graphical screen designer. Glide provides a more responsive experience then NETMF’s built-in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with many additional features, from buttons and lists to keyboards and message boxes.

Try it now for free! Glide only uses standard NETMF calls so it can run on the default NETMF emulator or any NETMF device with graphics support. All libraries are provided free for non-commercial use.

Glide’s commercial license includes full source code. Please visit GHI’s catalog for more details:

I like Glide Designer. Very clean and easy to work with. Great job!

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I going to see the “Glide” and i have a question…
With the FEZ PANDA 2, is it possible to use GLIDE?

I seeing the requirement and the device must support Bitmap class.

I would like your view.

Thank’s for your answer

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Ced, welcome, but please don’t resurrect threads one year old ! :slight_smile:

No the USBizi based devices do not have the memory to do graphics like this, so Glide is not possible.

You can look at .Net Clix from Skewworks if you really want a graphics library designed for low memory devices and the Fez Touch screen.