GLIDE 4.3 Inch Screen and Touch Calibration

Well, maybe the post subject says it all…searched thru the forums, did all the 4.3 inch calibration routines, and am still having trouble. I hooked the camera up to my Cobra (worked great by the way), but wanted to move th button to a new postion to accomodate the 320x240 display. When I moved it to the far side of the screen, regardless of doing callibration ahead of time (other application), trying to put it in this application as well, etc, I can’t click the button. Using the Test example application with the following changes to the GLIDE XML:

<Glide Version="0.1.2">
  <Window Name="window" Width="480" Height="272" BackColor="dce3e7">
      <Image Name="webcam" X="10" Y="10" Width="320" Height="240" Alpha="255"/>
      <Button Name="toggleBtn" X="350" Y="40" Width="120" Height="32" Alpha="255" Text="Start" Font="4" FontColor="000000"/>

I am never able click the button…any ideas? Thanks

Your button is positioned at X 350, while you only have a 320 display…

You say it is 320x240 display but the xml shows 480x272?

Sorry, no, the actual display is 480 x 272, I was using the camera format of 320x240, sorry about that. With that in mind, AND, with doing several different types of calibrations, I am unable to click the button.

Calibration is not saved on the system. You did calibrate using other projects but then once you load another project, calibration info are lost.

I believe the next release of glide has calibration built in so this will solve all problems.

Thnaks Gus, at least I’m not losing my mind…well…losing MORE of my mind anyway :slight_smile:

For the time being try calling


…and let me know if it helps.

Thanks, but unfortunately, that method is not apparently supported in 0.1.2…

My apologies. The function exists, it’s just not public. Sorry.

@ Josh
I need this so much :smiley:


@ Stephen
Which camera did you use ?
How is the performance of moving in pictures ?


@ Andreas,

I used the little camera they sell here. Works well right out of the box with the example code they give you. I was actualy very impressed with the quality of the images themselves, good color balance, good lighting, focus, etc. As for framerate, I haven’t measured it yet, but, it is fairly slow, if you are looking for YouTube quality streaming video, this is not going to do it for you. But, I am looking more for single frame capture and analyze, so as long as I get a frame every half second or so, I am fine and I definitely get better than that. Obviously, the larger the image format you use, the slower it is, so again, if you are looking for faster streaming, then go with the smaller format.

at 320x240 it is about 5 frames/sec IIRC but if you are using smaller images then it is about 15 frames/sec or more.

@ Stephen
Thanks for your description. I’m not looking for high quality streaming, but my picture has poor colors and sometimes traps in view. And camera moves are very slow. I think it is a Problem of my cheap camera.


And…in the never ending saga of “use your brain”…seems that if I switch the buttons to the LEFT side of the screen and put the image on the RIGHT side…AMAZING…I can work just fine…DOH!!! LOL

Josh said that Glide has "GlideTouch.Calibrate();"
i am using Glide V0.2.1 and it does not like the .Calibrate.

This function no longer exists. Glide now has a CalibrationWindow.