Give my Spider a static IP address

Using GHI .NETMicro 4.2 firmware for Spider

I thought I did this in the past but it was along time ago. I cannot set a static IP using MFDeploy version

Target, Configuration, Network, uncheck DHCP: Enable
Change IP Address ( and entered Default Gateway of my router (
Click Update button and I Receive a MessageBox

“Invalid configuration data from Plug-In”

No application has been deployed to the spider.
Current state:
Debug: USB
LCD: 320X240
Waiting for debug commands

Known issue



Any progress on that? I’ve got the same issue, with EMX Can’t get DHCP working, and that’s a true show stopper for us…

Hi all,

+1 - cannot configure network using MFDeploy @ Mike say “known issue”.

Meantime writing some code works fine for me. I’m not sure if you are asking to get an ip from dhcp only from mfdeploy config as a only question, or otherwise if may be suitable for you using code, just let me know if you prefer C# or VB

This is a good place fro known issues GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software