Gide - Update UI Elements


I am a bit confused with NETMF Glide - updating UI elements. I have a separate thread (a Timer for instance) that periodically fired and the “main thread” handle them. Also I have a glide UI with some UI elements on it.

I would like to update these UI elements (TextBox) when the event is fired.

I have read many links:

but I need some help to go on.

Following the link above I can only reach the Dispatcher with:

So I am forced to use the 

public delegate Object DispatcherOperationCallback (
         Object arg

Unfortunately I could not find any examples or samples.

Would you mind give me a guide how to use this?
Is there any different way to update the TextBox attribute?

Thank you very much for your help,

Dear andre.m,

Thank you for your reply.

I have to study this expression a bit more :slight_smile:

Would you mind explain what SyncOp is in this context?