Giant G on CP7

Is there away to order CP7s without the giant G on them? Can it possibly be removed from an existing cp7?

It makes the product a hard choice for a component in a sellable product. There is no viable explanation I could give my potential customers as to why its there.

I should mention I would be happy to loose the buttons too. They do nothing for the product I’m building. So perhaps I could just remove the front shroud?

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You mean like this?

N7 has no touch…

At a high enough volume, we can customize anything you want.

Define high volume?

There are many factors and it depends on what you are paying for and what the changes are, like if you are covering the setup fees or not, which can be $5K to $20K. Sometimes 100pcs is enough volume, other times 10,000 is not high enough. Please contact us directly with details about your project.