GHI's Shipping Cost Is Sales Killer?

Not sure if anyone brought this up, but I like GHI products/services and everything, GHI’s support forum is super. I bought parts from GHI initially, but the thing that drove me away from buying from the store was its shipment cost.

In my opinion, It is way too expensive. If I bought $14 worth of parts (saying a distance sensor). I have to pay another $12 for the shipment. That I think has drove many customers away or at least it did to me. I bought 3 parts from another vendor and paid $4.5 shipping cost.

If GHI work on the shipment cost a little more agressive that I think would significant impact its sales figure. Well just a one-man opinion.


That is because we use fedex not USPS. We may add USPS if future

Even UPS is expensive. I regularly pay ~$10 to ship stuff like little electronics parts and such.


UPS and FedEx have far better service than USPS but the prices are higher. We do not like to use USPS but for little things or for customers that do not want insurance/tracking-number then USPS can be an option.

By the way Hai Nguyen, try to go to FedEx and try to ship something and you will realize that the $12 you pay here is not much since GHI get very good discounts from FedEx due to the many shipments we make daily.

I completely understand that GHI doesn’t make money from the shipment cost, it is just Fedex that eat our breakfast,lunch,dinner and snack. I agree that Fedex and UPS do little bit better than USPS in term of status and timming. but as far as I know they handle my items pretty much the same exact way…throwing them at my front door and leave :slight_smile: If I insure my item then that is another headache story …I had to drive about 10-12 miles to their center to pick them up after 3rd delivery attemps (I work 9-6), they refused to leave my items at near by fedex kinko.

While USPS always route my shipment to the nearest USPS offices. Anyway, in my opinion it is always good to give customers the option to choose which shipping method they want to use. I am pretty sure most people will chose $2-$4.5 shipment cost instead of $12 unless they are corporates.

-Thank you for reading all my craps!

This is why we have distributors all over the world. You can contact someone closer to you.