GHI's new doc system (updated 3/25)

Wondering why the wiki has not been up to date lately? GHI believes in documentation and has always provided everything a user may need, few clicks away. Lately, we have not updated the wiki like we normally do. That is because the wiki is going to be completely removed!

Instead of wiki, we are building a more uniform, more user friendly, more contributor friendly. The new system uses building blocks (image #3). To lock the pages to being uniform, even if created by non-GHI contributors. You simple start by selecting the block type (image #1) Then the content is added and formatted through nice control (image #2). You no longer need to learn the wiki formatting syntax. All done for you.

Once info above are in database, GHI can renders the end result to whatever fits the website look and feel, now and in the future. A quick sample is in image #4

As of today, there is no “history” to the pages so we are not allowing public modification but this will change in few months. We ares still busy moving the forum and code share to their new home.

We hope you will like this new change :slight_smile:


Looks neat.

the organization of the new documentation should also consider the various active SDK versions(4.1 4.2) and premium versus OSHW. something as simple as PWM can be confusing to find.

for someone just coming to GHI, the number of choices can be a daunting challenge. add on learning c#, .net and a little electronics, the fun and easy becomes questionable without some serious guidance.

all of this stuff is fun and easy, once the initial initial learning is complete. but, with all the great options, the days where all a new person had to do was buy a domino or panda, and read Gus’s beginner guide are gone.

I believe we have reached the point where documentation is the key to continued success.

@ Gus - Should we assume that all wiki content will be migrated to the new system?

How are you handling URLs? I know it’s a lot of work, but would be great if the old wiki URLs pointed to the right place on the new doc system. Otherwise folks are going to spend a lot of time hunting for things they used to know how to find.

I hope it is the last move also. So please plan well. Code sharing been moved once already from fezzer to current place. There are a lot if blog posts, tweets etc referencing current URLs.

Agree on all points and already planned.

Looks promising and user friendly.

Check it out guys,

This is a work in progress still. Let us know if you have any comment or concerns please.

Looking good. Check out the “First Project” page. There are several section titles such as “{{FILE SYSTEM REFERENCE}}”. I don’t think that’s supposed to be visible. It would be neat if the code sections had a label in the top right corner where it could show which version of the SDK it was written for.

The tab indent for code snipets is to large I think

This is a content comment - the first thing on the “first project” needs to be firmware checking before coding :slight_smile: