GHI's manufacturing

We are fully running our production line. There has been thousands of boards built and shipped already. Actually, all FEZ Hydras and FEZ Spiders in stock are made in Michigan, USA.

So why did we decide to do this where everyone is going to China? The answer is QUALITY. When it comes to making more money or making a better product, we chose to make less per board because we know you will be happy and buy more int eh long run.

I am sure you have heard of some stories of what happens in Asia but here are coupe fun examples:

Oh yes, we owe you a video showing how FEZ are made and we will do just that I promise.

Congratulations again looking forward to see the video!

Excellent news and no doubt your home made products are better as Gus is pretty apparent from your involvement in this forum that you believe in your product and are fully involved in the user community. Congrads and I’m looking forward to the video as well as I’ve told a number of people about your company and how it was bringing manufacturing back from China.

Good news, indeed ! :clap:

If you get the same (very good) quality as your answers on the forum, then it’s definitely worth a small increase in prices.

Congratulations !

Another funny example of what happens in China; Magic SSD’s:

I’d love to see some video’s of the production line!

I do not agree with the “China is bad” statement.
China CAN be bad, it’s how you define stuff.

Of course the in house production is awesome and looking forward to a “Made in America” board ;D

I hope more companies start thinking this way and China economical growth will be supressed. Right now both US and EU are gowing down while China has it’s golden age…

That’s not something only companies should think about.
Us, consumers, want the newest stuff for the lowest price.

And, some Europe companies charge prices for simple stuff which is abnormal.

I have imported large amounts from China lately and I have saved tons of money.
I am not an idiot and pay 5 times as much for the same item. :smiley:

That’s true. We usualy don’t see the big picture and think why should i pay more if i can buy it for less. Simple rules in free economics. The problem is when everybody think the same and it’s to late for local companies to compete with China rivals. So the manufacturers also get involved with China in producing their goods and suddenly we are not as independent as we thinkt we are :confused:

Let’s just hope their assembly line doesn’t use iPhone autocorrect…we know how that tends to mangle Gus’ posts…can’t have that with our precious toys. :smiley:

;D ;D ;D

@ Gus Just curious, what is production capacity of your new line?

It is rated 21,000 components per hour

Wow… :o

How many boards, e.g. Hydra is that ?


No more ‘out of stock’ status :smiley:

Gus, how much time does it take to reconfigure the production line for a different product? For example when you’ve ran a batch of Hydras and need to set it up for Cerberie (Cerberusses ???)?

Can take minutes to hours. Since this is our own line with our own parts, it is minutes to switch.

Yes no more out of stock.

Congrats, Gus! Looking forward to the video.