GHi's instructions on installing a development system

I know you can never know the configuration of anyone’s system but i would have thought you would have tried a complete new install of the software layers for the products you sell. i have always been able to overcome the errors that your support page leaves out on how to install all of the the software layers like visual studio and netmf and gadgeteer and the boot and firmware… but maybe more help on how to successfully run a hello world should be included… don’t get me wrong i like your products but but its a hard sell to i lot of my colleagues… when always have to spend a day googling the latest fix…

Weekday do you mean? Go to the netmf support page and follow the steps. The lazy step is a pdf that has everything.

What is missing?

The steps are all very well laid out, and there aren’t more than six steps total I think (depending on your hardware and whether you need Gadgeteer).

If there is room for improvement, it is in troubleshooting. HOW to do things is well documented, but there isn’t a strong troubleshooting guide that says if THIS bad thing happens, then go do THIS curative step. The forum kind of fills that role.

I have never yet gotten completely blocked. Between the setup instructions, documentation and community forum, the info is there. And these are not coffee pots - some degree of technical ability and problem-solving initiative is required. A troubleshooting guide might be helpful, but nothing is really deficient.

Works for me - weekdays and weekends

May I suggest a Wiki? Im new to .Net MF and Gadgeteer but have 30 years developer experience ( 10 with .net) and studied electronics in college, yet was left bewildred at the start, why?

  1. key documents labelled Obsolete yet many links to them.
  2. numerous examples but weak description of the steps to get there.
  3. fragmented instructions very confusing for newcomers, eg some docs describe apps ( a Program class) that derive from one base yet others derive from a different base, no explanation of why or how such a project is initiated (ie which VS template to use).

A wiki could help here.

@ KorporalKernel - I agree, a wiki that all of us could contribute to would be great.

hence, here it is … the community, task tracker, codeshare, creations, showcase, and NOT to forget the forum. The answers you get when asking the right (as in not wrong) question is from an audience spread over the whole globe and is more likely you get the answer sooner than googling for it …

I was in more or less the same situation, coming from the softy side with bare minimum of the today electronics or like 30 years back, no intel on netmf nor gadgeteer … I had my struggles in the beginning as well and still run into issues now and than but if you don’t ask you might spend more time on searching for the answer … once you get the hang of it the information you get or find here pretty much covers it.

BTW: Does anyone have an idea how many years of experience we have around here for all the users on the forum in the various aspect like hardware, software, etc ?