GHI's CRC-32 implementation

I was trying to find out how to calculate a CRC on some data and was happy to find that GHI had included a CRC-32 generator. The only difficult part was trying to figure out what parameters were used so I could use Boost:CRC to check the checksum on the receiving end. I found a few posts about this issue on the forum but not a list of all the parameters used. Here is what I found out just in case it is useful to someone else. Now that I know all the parameters used I am able to configure Boost:CRC for the C++ code on the PC side.

GHI CRC-32 information
Reference: GHI.Hardware
Namespace: GHI.Utilities.Crc.Crc32

CRC Order: 32
Polynomial: 4C11DB7
Initial value: 0
Final XOR value: 0
Reverse data bytes: no
Reverse result before final XOR: no


Why not use Utility.ComputeCRC() built into .NET?

Or PC side not using .NET?

I am not using .NET on the PC. Using C++ with wxWidgets.