GHI's Beta SDK for .NET Gadgeteer SDK, including FEZ Spider

GHI’s SDK for .NET Gadgeteer is now online. This link has instructions on how to get started.

GHI now offers an application to install the necessary components. There is also a new application to help in firmware update. Please follow the link above for further details.

This will be enhanced in near future and we are in the process or opening more of the source codes and hardware files. Thanks for everyone who supported us by buying FEZ Spider.

We look forward to your feedback.

I have to admit, I have been hovering on the site since about noon waiting for this…

WOOHOO! Nice job guys!

Awesome!!! Thank you!

Awesome!! Fedex delivered my Spider about 2 hours ago and the SDK is up! Christmas has come early this year :smiley:


Nice! Thank you!

Wait a minute, you can get the spider early? Edit: Sorry I meant the main board.