GHIElectronics.TinyCLR.Devices.Network.NetworkController.Enable() again blocks other threads for more that 1 second

Hello GHI team,

I’ve experienced again a timing issue with the current SITCore-SC20-Firmware-v2.2.0.5100.

The timespan to perform the NetworkController.Enable() in my current project needs 00:00:01.7497920 seconds.

With SITCore-SC20-Firmware-v2.1.0.6500 this timespan was reduced to 00:00:00.3997693 seconds.

This issue occoured also in the previous SITCore-SC20-Firmware-v2.1.0.6200 before which were cleaned with the SITCore-SC20-Firmware-v2.1.0.6300 and following.


Since I’ve got an external watchdog around my module which is set to an activation timeout around 1.2 seconds and the NetworkController.Enable() blocks the “tick-thread” to the watchdog, the module gets in an infinite reset loop.



Hi, thanks.

The story of this issue was:

  • Original : 4-5 seconds lockup
  • Change: 0.5 seconds
  • New bug when connect 2 devices by cable directly.
  • Back to ~2 seconds.

I think you need increase watchdog timeout.

For blocking issue, it is in our list but low priority.