GHI Wallpaper

I created a simple GHI background to use for a Gadgeteer demo at my meetup. Maybe some of you will like it. Enjoy!


Love it

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@ wbsimms - It looks like the images we have worked for you! awesome! ;D

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@ Gary Yes the PDFs are actually vector images inside. That’s great info if anyone needs vector format.

@ wbsimms - Keep them coming, I can’t wait to see the stickers! :slight_smile: If you send me one when you make them, I will throw them on my laptop.

How’d you open them as vector? Inkscape? Will have to give that a try…been using Inkscape for creating DXF to import into Eagle for irregular board outlines. Not a super-smooth process, but better than trying to create shapes by hand in Eagle. :slight_smile:

This is on my website here if it get’s lost in the forums:

Drag the pdf onto a Photoshop layer. It’s smart enough to rip the vector out of the PDF. Want me to export an AI or EPS for you? (Thanks to @ janelsimms for the lesson <= my designer wife)

Laptop? Heck, you should throw one in the box of every order!

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@ ianlee74 - If he sends me that many I would be more than happy to. :whistle:

I have a buddy with a die cut printer. I might be able to get him to print me 10 or so. If I have any leftover, I’ll send them up.

But it’s about $130 for 250 2.5in round vinyl die-cut stickers. I don’t think my wife would let me do that. :naughty:

Correction… There is a non-vector in there… the rings on the circle. They resize well though…

I still have some of the old Gadgeteer stickers here, I guess the question is how to send them out.

@ Duke Nukem - I’ll send you my address :wink:

@ Duke Nukem - They look classic! Those might be worth something some day … are you sure you want to get rid of them? :think:

I have an old Vic-20 manual around here somewhere…


I have an old VIC-20 and a C64 around here somewhere…

@ Duke Nukem - I have some of those stickers, too.

Can’t help but think of Mouseketeers, The Mickey Mouse Club - Wikipedia for those not familiar with Walt Disney.

I was hoping for a catchy new superhero name or at least something with street cred. 8)

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Another one for your second screen.

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