GHI Visual Studio Toolbox missing Moisture and Temp-Humidity Modules

Hello all, happy to join your group!

I’m new to tinkering but a bit experienced in C#.

I just received those guys in the mail:

FEZ Cerbuino Bee (
LightSense Module (GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software)
Moisture Module (GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software)
Temp-Humidity Module (

I’ve followed tutorials and I’ve been able to get readings from the LightSense but can’t seem to find Moisture and Temp-Humidity Modules in the GHI Visual Studio Toolbox. Obviously I’m missing some reference there but don’t know where to look for it.

Any ideas?

Hi Yannis, and welcome ! Great to have you over here joining our community.

The two sensors you don’t have in your toolbox are from Seeed Studio, who haven’t yet released a 4.2 river for them. If you want to, and since you’re a C# guru (well that’s what I’ll call someone who says what you did :slight_smile: ) you can grab their driver and re-target it to 4.2 yourself. Latest changeset on codeplex is so go crazy !

Wow, that was superfast, that you Bret I’ll sure take a look at the source. If I can figure it out I’ll give you a heads up!

yeap, got it working, this tutorial paves the way!